I love this tumblr

sometimes it feels like I have two different styles.
this one and another more bohemian.


three letters - WTF

Hey boo!

Recently I've been in a space where I know I'm mostly holding it together but feeling awkward inside because of growing pains. Clearly I don't mean physical growing pains, although I do wish I were still growing taller. 27 has been a thoughtful year of mindfulness, self forgiveness, self love, and self discipline. So many new things which warrants some awkwardness. I don't remember, but this might be how puberty felt.

I'm flying to Manila on Thursday, and I'm excited to be somewhere else for 10 days. I look like a scary chipmunk in my passport photo--can't wait to retake that one when I visit you.

Love you.

besos from caro.


Look at this Tumblr!!!


I'm hiring you!

Can you make me to illustrations? One for my screen lock and the other one for the background on my phone. I want something personal, about me and something that reminds me of you, and something that reminds me of who I am.

I know I could do it myself but I rather have something you made. It makes it more special and also like having your picture in my wallet.


Let's do posts with text (like always) and if we want some images we will sketch. How about that?
Then I'll also get to work on my doodling skills.
Good morning, love. Did I tell you I like sweet milky tea? 

I also burned my belly trying to take this picture.


hopefully getting my act together

I'm getting clean.
No more alcohol or destructive behavior.
I'm getting there.
Taking one step at a time.
How are you?
How did it go?


practice makes perfect

putting yourself first
confronting the tenderness
anchoring yourself in mush

follow your heart ache
dance party, party of one

enjoying your solitude.