I'm very creative with carrots

On the road...

I'm that type of person who looks out the window and says "oh, how pretty, let's stop and and take some pics".

Nora Roberts who knew?

On my vacay I did some reading. The camping ground had its own library filled with lady novels so I started on a trilogy by Nora Roberts - the Key trilogy. It's going to be a couple of rainy days so I'm anticipating a lot of tea and great love.


whale-come home!

My other half lives in the laptop.

I been sewin'

I woke up early on Saturday morning to attend an at-home sewing workshop with momma and sister. I made a reversible bag! The experience really fueled my excitement for future sewing projects--I started a notebook. What if we could make our own line of hand made things? 

I'm coming home

I'm on my way back to the city. Let's Skype soon.



Thank you internet for this pleasant surprise-- very cute and crass.

Don't ask me why I was googling for boba..

My hair has reached the middle phase

Seriously who hasn't fantasized about Tina from Bob's Burgers? My hair is fine.


Bakin' to the bakery

Lately I have been frequenting the bakery that's a block away from my house. I wander over and let my senses oversaturate with a very specific smell--kinda yeasty, fresh bready, and cozy.
The calm that takes over me when I sit here with a ciggy is pretty similar to our old spot. Remember when we used to sit atop the laundry vents for the warmth and laundry smell (if the launderers were laundering correctly..)? One of those places where you get to lose focus and let your ideas float in limbo while you enjoy their absence for a moment.

Anyway, I hope one day you get to experience the bakery. They actually don't sell bread, and the building is more like a bread factory. The people are very friendly inside and they would probably love if we visited every day to creepily smile at them (:

Safe and happy travels, bb! besos xxx


Never trust anyone who has not brought a book with them.”

—Lemony Snicket

I'm going on vaycay now

I'll be in a place where internet has been lost and cellphone coverage are unreliable. I'll talk to you when I get back.



Honey dew & Mindy

Nice dinner break


I'm very into Pinterest now. For sucha long time I wasn't able to prounce it, but now I'm fairly confident how to say it so I gave it a go and now I'm hooked. Since I'm the creator of Danish Robot Dancers, of course we made a Pinterest too, so I'm using that one. Bananaskater, if you wanna take a look at my pins. Though, I'm not sure how it works, still. But I'm just saving stuff and getting inspired.

No miedo

Typically the arrival of summer stirs many feelings for me because I love the easy breeziness of sunshine weather but... I really hate mosquito bites. To the point that it sometimes inhibits me from enjoying the world 100% because I'm too busy looking out for them. I think my fear sounds less ridiculous when I explain that my sensitive skin turns every bug bite into a landscape of itchy hives. Did I tell you that I once got a spider bite on my hand that basically swelled into another fist? But that's not the most relevant I guess.
So M started making me a bug potion several years ago, which has really made me comfortable being in the nature again. Unlike a lot of bug sprays, it doesn't dry out my skin or trigger an eczema outbreak. It's mostly witch hazel (an astringent, some people wash their face with it) with various essential oils that have bug-repelling smells.
I love it. It has felt so nice and empowering to rid myself of mosquito anxiety! It really makes me dream of going camping, which I still have yet to experience. It also doubles as a wonderful afternoon pick-me-up. The scent is really outdoorsy and refreshing, especially when you work in an office all day. I definitely want to start making my own essential oil concoctions too.


Did I tell you about the time some people called me a boy?

It was at work and as always, I'm rocking my uniform. A pik√© with woolen pants. I'm usually not wearing fancy underwear since it kinda hot at work sometimes, but my puppies do need support.
So they saw me not too much from afar. They yelled to their grandchildren, "we have to go now because here he comes with the broom. Look, he's got a broom we should let him sweep. There he comes!"
I reckon they said he about me at least 5 times. I looked behind me, there was no he with a broom. There was only me with my Harry Potter ride, apparently nonexistent boobs and he-shape.


"I don't wanna be dumpling sisters"

 - Caro, on me suggesting the name "gyoza and mandu"