Bakin' to the bakery

Lately I have been frequenting the bakery that's a block away from my house. I wander over and let my senses oversaturate with a very specific smell--kinda yeasty, fresh bready, and cozy.
The calm that takes over me when I sit here with a ciggy is pretty similar to our old spot. Remember when we used to sit atop the laundry vents for the warmth and laundry smell (if the launderers were laundering correctly..)? One of those places where you get to lose focus and let your ideas float in limbo while you enjoy their absence for a moment.

Anyway, I hope one day you get to experience the bakery. They actually don't sell bread, and the building is more like a bread factory. The people are very friendly inside and they would probably love if we visited every day to creepily smile at them (:

Safe and happy travels, bb! besos xxx

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