No miedo

Typically the arrival of summer stirs many feelings for me because I love the easy breeziness of sunshine weather but... I really hate mosquito bites. To the point that it sometimes inhibits me from enjoying the world 100% because I'm too busy looking out for them. I think my fear sounds less ridiculous when I explain that my sensitive skin turns every bug bite into a landscape of itchy hives. Did I tell you that I once got a spider bite on my hand that basically swelled into another fist? But that's not the most relevant I guess.
So M started making me a bug potion several years ago, which has really made me comfortable being in the nature again. Unlike a lot of bug sprays, it doesn't dry out my skin or trigger an eczema outbreak. It's mostly witch hazel (an astringent, some people wash their face with it) with various essential oils that have bug-repelling smells.
I love it. It has felt so nice and empowering to rid myself of mosquito anxiety! It really makes me dream of going camping, which I still have yet to experience. It also doubles as a wonderful afternoon pick-me-up. The scent is really outdoorsy and refreshing, especially when you work in an office all day. I definitely want to start making my own essential oil concoctions too.