I'm considering going vegan. Hclf vegan.
Also, tell me more about these chia seeds.
Dear Caro,
I'm trying to understand and find the meaning of life,
So far I haven't come up with anything substantial yet.
I'll let you know when I do.
How are you?



Take me back

I read AK's blog and I remember everything.
I remember who I was when we met and got to know each other.
I remember who I used to be.
That raises the question, who am I know?
I always thought that I'm a better person now and I've grown to become something amazingly greater.
I haven't.
I'm not bad.
But I'm not great.

Target Ladies
I have to get back.
Get back to who I used to be.
I was one sassy lady.
I brought sassy back.

I've got my old girl swag.
I'm staying true to myself and will simply be the person I am.
I know this person, I just lost her for a while.
This determined, honest, nice, cray cray, break-out-to-random-dance-person. The one with a cute and open smile, who's super funny, super photogenic and can't take a bad picture. Who loves the camera. And get more animated by the day. This very interesting person.
Something's super fascinating over there
I need reminders like this from time to time. When I got back from the US, I lost a piece of myself. I  I might have lost it just before I left, before we left campus. I got sea sick. It's like you get back to reality or the opposite - you leave the reality, leave the life you love.

But I'm going to get back. I might need some help.



It went okay at the health centre, I'm now on sick leave and will be back at work the 24th. It could have been worse.


At the health centre.

Let's Meet in NY 2016


I love the host, I wanna be friends with her.
Let's go to these places in 2016.
I'm going to start finding stuff for us to do when we get to New York.


Wedding bells

I have to wear heels today.

I photograph very Korean.


Brunch with buddies

After a night of rain the sun came out and my umbrella was lonely in my bag. We had pancakes, bagels, tea and coffee. I'm in withdrawal. I miss coffee and tea doesn't really do anything for me.


Salt & Vinegar

I had a lazy Tuesday with some daiquiris and salt n vinegar crisps after work. We went to hipsterville to a place called Street Life, I think you'd like it. Next time. I found out that in the real fairytales Ariel dies, the kid in Peter Pan dies and sleeping beauty was a rape victim. Fun night. But the drinks were good. 

I love sprinkles


"Ahhh.... alright"

It's my first day back from my vacation.
I'm feeling discouraged.
I could use som cheering up.


panic baking

I have to admit, I really hate baking. Cooking's fine but baking...

My friend has her birthday party and she wants us to bring cookies and cakes for the party.
I didn't want to bake anything but I'm butt ass broke so I dragged ut out and panic baked just before I had to leave.

Before I left I looked down and saw that I was wearing the clothes I used to cherish in the US. Remember?