Take me back

I read AK's blog and I remember everything.
I remember who I was when we met and got to know each other.
I remember who I used to be.
That raises the question, who am I know?
I always thought that I'm a better person now and I've grown to become something amazingly greater.
I haven't.
I'm not bad.
But I'm not great.

Target Ladies
I have to get back.
Get back to who I used to be.
I was one sassy lady.
I brought sassy back.

I've got my old girl swag.
I'm staying true to myself and will simply be the person I am.
I know this person, I just lost her for a while.
This determined, honest, nice, cray cray, break-out-to-random-dance-person. The one with a cute and open smile, who's super funny, super photogenic and can't take a bad picture. Who loves the camera. And get more animated by the day. This very interesting person.
Something's super fascinating over there
I need reminders like this from time to time. When I got back from the US, I lost a piece of myself. I  I might have lost it just before I left, before we left campus. I got sea sick. It's like you get back to reality or the opposite - you leave the reality, leave the life you love.

But I'm going to get back. I might need some help.

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