Dear Caro

It makes sense and if it hadn't it would be fine. I'm an intelligent, sensual woman - I will figure it out.

I've also been a hot mess this week. I've been struggling with insomnia. Right before I fall asleep I lay in bed day dreaming of stuff like love & future. Future scenarios with hot Korean guys or the ones I'm crushing on at the moment or I dream of my career, what I do, where I live and my life being a famous writer etc. etc. But this week I've been scared of going to bed because I have nothing to dream about. So instead I've been forcing myself to stay awake in my sofa and not gone to bed until I'm so exhausted I will just collapse into bed. However, this weekend has been better since I've been working and have to go to bed in order to get more than 4 hours of sleep. I'm working on it.

Your old habbits are something that will not just disapear just like that. It's a progress, change will take time, don't beat yourself up if you fail, just try again. And if you fail again, try again. Listen to Aaliyah. Also, let's skype soon so we can do the meditation tutorial since I want to learn and I'll bright you up so you won't feel bad anymore.


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