Good Afternoon Caro

I'm on sick leave at the moment.
I have tonsillitis.
Which sucks.
But I hope to get better soon.

It gives me a lot of time to spend in bed (not having too much engergy atm) so I'm watching a lot of YouTube videos on vegan recipes.
It's kinda fun.
I've been going strong on my plantbased lifestyle.
More than a week now.
Sometimes I cook so much food (usually late at night when my engergy comes back) and sometimes I just eat carrots, selleri and peanut butter.

But I'm going to be better at eating more diverse.
Take a look at this channel:
Hot for food
and their website.


  1. Make sure you get in your proteins and all of your nutrients as you transition to the plant-based diet (:

  2. I am salivating, hard, as I peruse the channel