happy cilantro time

My recent go-to nail color with cilantro decor. 
P.S. It's Revlon Gel Envy #440 Wild Card do you gusta?


Thanks for the attention

Today I received criticism unexpectedly and front of my boss. It strongly invoked guilt. In retrospect and in truth, I did not have to feel guilty for my detachment from my daily duties. Now I understand that it was simply a small dip in my working habits due to my inattention to self care. With that understanding, I can feel grateful to have a manager who pays attention--as clearly, I had not confirmed that I was indeed, slippin' up.

Cheers to reflecting and resolving. Happy Friday love.


These girls reminds me of us back then. We're not like them but it reminded me when we were in San Diego going to thrift stores. This was way back for them too, now one of the girls has the channel.


Links, please

Dearest, another favour. What blogs do you follow? Can you give me the links?
I need some inspiration for lonely  friday nights.

Green Machine

Since I have a terrible cold I've been drinking this. 
Spinach, Celery, Banana, Kiwi and Soymilk - delish!