Inspired by you

After looking at your blog post I got my own clock. I had this before with San Francisco, Seoul and Down Under time in order to be able to Skype with you all. 

It was so nice to talk to you on the phone today. I applied for the job and now I feel great. Going downtown to buy delicious foods for tomorrow night when I have my friends over. 

Looking forward to Sunday Skype night!

Locked & Loaded

This new blogging screen on my phone was a good organizational decision! Now our time difference calculation is just three swipes away (:

Good morning to you, good night to me.
Love, c.


me and my crib

I had an extremely relaxing day at work today, which was nice (: With most of the other staff gone for the holidays, my supervisor set me free and I promptly went home to meet A and M for beah. It's getting beautifully cold out here, which warrants chunky scarves and James Blake. A left for the OC to visit family, and I left to make sweet potato soup and fried rice at M's pad. Now I am home from the dinner party experiencing full reign of my crib--whoo! I have so many plans to clean and organize on my time off.

I've already spent a couple hours watching Jane the Virgin--so absorbed by the telenovela glamz. I'm spending this holiday surrounded in lavender, candles, queer tv, and other things that engage my creative side. With that said, super excited for our skype date this weekend!

love, caro


Back to Coffee

I brew some coffee this morning.
Even though it makes me pee, I feel the need for coffee in the morning.
I started to rethink and reevaluate things.
It just started with a normal conversation with H where I asked her to help me get better at verbal authority. It later developed to something bigger. Much bigger. Not sure how to explain it, but I hope it will make me feel better.

How are you?


Creations etc

There has been a lot of things going on in my life. Things we ought to talk in private since it's fairly sensitive information which should not be shared on the world wide web.

So because of these personal things going on in my life I've tried to focus on the positive side of it all and think about what's important to me - what I want and where I want to go. I want to create and live up to my potential. I need to create space and time for being creative. I must write more, draw, paint, sew and sketch.

So far I've seen the Intern, which is a lovely movie! Robert De Niro is a sweetheart and Anne Hathaway is sublime.

I've also thought much of clothing and what I express by my look. I dyed my hair again. It's the same brown colour I had when I was in Korea. I'm starting to go towards a Granny Panty/Coco Chanel inspired style. Old school chic.

Coco Chanel once said,

“Dress shabbily and they remember the dress; dress impeccably and they remember the woman.”
I'm influenced by my grandmother on my mother's side. She was always impeccably dressed, hair all permed, always wearing slip skirt or dress pants and a blouse. It was a generation who made an effort. Dressing was not just an option, it was mandatory. 
Therefore, I'm taking after my fashion idol, Bill Nighy and Diane Keaton. I hope to update you with some nice pictures of me trying not to look awkward posing for the camera just for you. I need to get some more clothes, but not yet, so I'm just mixing and matching so far.
See you on Skype this weekend.



Now I occasionally wear patches over my knots.

I always talk about all the changes my life is going through..and if it sounds redundant, it probably is. In being self aware, I have to admit that I'm extremely sensitive and a little clumsy with transitions in set and setting. This morning, I felt the Americans poking around in my uterus and I knew that bloodshed was on its way. This tension alone kind of made me keel over (imminent change alert), and then I tried to pump myself to mentally fight the pain. I barely had the mental capacity to reach out for help, and I am so lucky that my best friend and partner A could run out to bring me a feast.
Dried figs, coconut water, mandarins, chicken noodle soup, clam chowder, sourdough, and cinnamon roll in the back (:
I ended up taking it extremely easy for the remainder of the day, and I'm glad I did. If anything it brought me here and I'm stoked to make a vegan tour of NY! It will be a great way to celebrate our 'plant-based' eating habits.
Hope you are well, take care of your uterus!

love, c.


Vegan in NYC?!

Yes, why not?

Asian Food

Hit me up with some nice recipes.
I need to get my doze of Asian food.
Promise me that we eat loads of Asian food when I come back to the US.
I will do videos on Yummy Dummie with our food adventures.
Miss you.


My Motivation

My motivation in life is to develop as a human being. In my mind there are a lot of different ways I can go about this, but at its core is always the ability to be balanced, and comfortable with myself. 
I'm about to drop the biggest hippie bomb--but last night I went to meditation, and the teacher touched on the human fear of being magnificent. It tickled me that she used that word, but beyond that it spoke deeply into my insecurities and how I let them absorb me. One of her prime examples was the way people reject appreciation (i.e. compliments), but hang onto criticisms. That's totally me feeding on to my own criticisms, or getting hurt feelings from werq.

And then I go home and have hot chocolate. (These are really rich and dark chocolaty, p.s.)

With that said, I can feel myself grasping how-to-be-sane in hectic life moments. Tonight, for example, is Club Wednesday, so I'm having wine, blogging, and playing Mario Kart. Ahh, the sweet feeling of sanity.
On another note, I recently discovered the Spotify web player, and love it. I say this proudly, despite feeling so 2008. I haven't had the time to explore new music for quite some time, so the playlists have been refreshing! And good music always heal the soul. 
This song has been nice for working:

I love you and your beautiful creations which have been a source of inspiration for mine. Also, I bought you some of those cool flavored Pretz to send over!

good night, chu chu
love, c.



Last weeks photo theme was Motivation.
We have a group, where we take a photo with a decided theme every week to keep us photographing. And I blanked.
What motivates me?
What makes me get up in the morning?
I got up because I didn't die during the night?

Of course it's the writing.
Creating stuff that motivates me.
If I can write and create it motivates me to keep going because it gives me joy.

I continued writing on my erotic novel, you know the one about the seasonal worker.
But other than that I need to get my shit together.
Make myself happy doing what I love to do.

Ps. we haven't started much with our collection. we have a plan tho.


Cold weather brings out the debu goddess in me..

I love smelling winter around the corner. Bundling up in soft sweaters and scarves, hot chocolate, boots, and people huddling around outdoor lamps at the bar --tehee all of it tickles me so. Winter also reminds me of family holidays, and the importance of maintaining connections with my loved ones. A recent visit from J allowed us to relive our experiences when we were younger--toasty, bundled up, and excited to make a run to McDonald's! Our night was completed by our recent favorite --Grapefruit Sculpin beer. The grapefruit smell is so beautiful.
The morning after we felt a little remorse in our stomachs, but it made me think that despite all the changes your life endures, it's fun to revisit previous experiences sometimes. Reflection is key to appreciating your life (:

With that said, I have to be careful not to reflect too deeply today as I have a lot of work to do! Still chugging along on my applications. I haven't sewed in a while, embarrassingly.. what kind of things are you making with your other partner? I've been seeing a lot of illustrators create cute pins and badges on instagram..

Wishing you warmth and buzz.


Non Stop Wednesday

It's almost still Wednesday in the US. I was procrastinating because I was so tired after the day and couldn't move outta the sofa. I was laying like a walrus rolling around if necessary. It's the labels. I had some chili cheese for dinner and it made me tired. I've noticed since I've cheated the entire weekend with prepared foods, meat and dairy that they are the devil. I'm tired because of them. So back to plant-based. Which will be easy because I went grocery shopping with mum in the afternoon.

We can start our collection now because on my 30th birthday I'll get this badass. I've already got started with a collection with my partner on danish robot dancers and we are about to order our labels/cotton patches. Did you make me a bag yet? Do you want me yo send you fabric? How much do you need?


(Em)bracing the cold

I woke up this morning and immediately fell in love with the day--sound of heavy rain, crisp cold, warm sheets. I did everything in my power to absorb the beauty of the morning, but alas it was only an excuse to slowly drag my butt through a case of the Mondays (:

Recently I have made an enemy out of my job as it exhausts me and leaves me with limited time to pursue my passions. With some thought, however, I have come to wonder whether I'm giving too much of myself at work. Is there a way for me to "work smart" and conserve some energy for the rest of my daily life? Or is this a matter of building stamina?

As I type this, Kona is asleep in the shape of a croissant. She is def my sensei in the R&R category.

Wishing everyone some sweet dreams.
chu chu, c.

Love at first snow, on the way to Vegas.


Ordered new glasses

Men seldom make passes
At girls who wear glasses
/Dorothy Parker