Cold weather brings out the debu goddess in me..

I love smelling winter around the corner. Bundling up in soft sweaters and scarves, hot chocolate, boots, and people huddling around outdoor lamps at the bar --tehee all of it tickles me so. Winter also reminds me of family holidays, and the importance of maintaining connections with my loved ones. A recent visit from J allowed us to relive our experiences when we were younger--toasty, bundled up, and excited to make a run to McDonald's! Our night was completed by our recent favorite --Grapefruit Sculpin beer. The grapefruit smell is so beautiful.
The morning after we felt a little remorse in our stomachs, but it made me think that despite all the changes your life endures, it's fun to revisit previous experiences sometimes. Reflection is key to appreciating your life (:

With that said, I have to be careful not to reflect too deeply today as I have a lot of work to do! Still chugging along on my applications. I haven't sewed in a while, embarrassingly.. what kind of things are you making with your other partner? I've been seeing a lot of illustrators create cute pins and badges on instagram..

Wishing you warmth and buzz.

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