(Em)bracing the cold

I woke up this morning and immediately fell in love with the day--sound of heavy rain, crisp cold, warm sheets. I did everything in my power to absorb the beauty of the morning, but alas it was only an excuse to slowly drag my butt through a case of the Mondays (:

Recently I have made an enemy out of my job as it exhausts me and leaves me with limited time to pursue my passions. With some thought, however, I have come to wonder whether I'm giving too much of myself at work. Is there a way for me to "work smart" and conserve some energy for the rest of my daily life? Or is this a matter of building stamina?

As I type this, Kona is asleep in the shape of a croissant. She is def my sensei in the R&R category.

Wishing everyone some sweet dreams.
chu chu, c.

Love at first snow, on the way to Vegas.

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