me and my crib

I had an extremely relaxing day at work today, which was nice (: With most of the other staff gone for the holidays, my supervisor set me free and I promptly went home to meet A and M for beah. It's getting beautifully cold out here, which warrants chunky scarves and James Blake. A left for the OC to visit family, and I left to make sweet potato soup and fried rice at M's pad. Now I am home from the dinner party experiencing full reign of my crib--whoo! I have so many plans to clean and organize on my time off.

I've already spent a couple hours watching Jane the Virgin--so absorbed by the telenovela glamz. I'm spending this holiday surrounded in lavender, candles, queer tv, and other things that engage my creative side. With that said, super excited for our skype date this weekend!

love, caro

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  1. Being surrounded by beautiful inspirational things is key. I wish I cound have you in my apartment.