My Motivation

My motivation in life is to develop as a human being. In my mind there are a lot of different ways I can go about this, but at its core is always the ability to be balanced, and comfortable with myself. 
I'm about to drop the biggest hippie bomb--but last night I went to meditation, and the teacher touched on the human fear of being magnificent. It tickled me that she used that word, but beyond that it spoke deeply into my insecurities and how I let them absorb me. One of her prime examples was the way people reject appreciation (i.e. compliments), but hang onto criticisms. That's totally me feeding on to my own criticisms, or getting hurt feelings from werq.

And then I go home and have hot chocolate. (These are really rich and dark chocolaty, p.s.)

With that said, I can feel myself grasping how-to-be-sane in hectic life moments. Tonight, for example, is Club Wednesday, so I'm having wine, blogging, and playing Mario Kart. Ahh, the sweet feeling of sanity.
On another note, I recently discovered the Spotify web player, and love it. I say this proudly, despite feeling so 2008. I haven't had the time to explore new music for quite some time, so the playlists have been refreshing! And good music always heal the soul. 
This song has been nice for working:

I love you and your beautiful creations which have been a source of inspiration for mine. Also, I bought you some of those cool flavored Pretz to send over!

good night, chu chu
love, c.


  1. Dark Chocolate? I'm too imature to appriciate it... I miss you boo. Let's meet soon. Or Skype. Or both. Let's share a playlist on spotify.

    My creations?

  2. Yes! Maybe over the weekend? I'm thinking of spending time in the hometown to do some christmas shopping (:
    Yes your creations, like your blogs and illustrations and other art pieces. And your creation of your distinct aura/flava

    1. tanks, bebe, I try. I hope to be more creative soon. Just need to focus on what's important. I can skype this weekend. I got the weekend off!!!! Let's schedule on whatsapp what time works best. love you.