Non Stop Wednesday

It's almost still Wednesday in the US. I was procrastinating because I was so tired after the day and couldn't move outta the sofa. I was laying like a walrus rolling around if necessary. It's the labels. I had some chili cheese for dinner and it made me tired. I've noticed since I've cheated the entire weekend with prepared foods, meat and dairy that they are the devil. I'm tired because of them. So back to plant-based. Which will be easy because I went grocery shopping with mum in the afternoon.

We can start our collection now because on my 30th birthday I'll get this badass. I've already got started with a collection with my partner on danish robot dancers and we are about to order our labels/cotton patches. Did you make me a bag yet? Do you want me yo send you fabric? How much do you need?


  1. Oh my goddess! What kind of items are being produced for danishrobot dancers??

    1. We're starting with tote bags. But we talked about other stuff. What do you want to do for our first item?