Tonight's honest feelings brought to you by friendly glasses of merlot and cabernet.. (:

I attended a volunteer appreciation event for the holidays this evening. Albeit tipsy from the slightly excessive cups of wine I pursued from the adorable bartender, my conversations with the elderly members of the community really grounded me--as they always do. I originally didnt feel that I deserved any recognition as my volunteer positions were short and infrequent, but to receive applause from my mentors and clients felt unreal! Aside from the recognition, I felt myself falling into a more positive space regarding my life throug my conversations with the org members. I discussed my future plans with them, but without an indication of rush (concerning age, as they are elders). Among individuals that were mostly above the age of 70, my age was such a joke--and I really appreciated that.
So a big thank you to my elder community for their presence, perspective, and wisdom.
And of course, a big thank you to my best friend who continues to impart her wisdom and grace as she ages (;

Good night baby xx

Love, c.

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