confetti, chamomile tea..

My life right now in a nutshell.
It's a new year, and it promises much excitement-- so the best thing I can do is take care of myself. A lot of ginger, melatonin-supplemented sleep, food logging, and not smoking as much. Also kombucha. I even went to the dentist and for a run today! The trouble is keeping it up..
I hope you are loving the thrill of non-scheduled days. It's important to take small breaks to enjoy the moment! But knowing you, you are probably already having a blast (: We should skype for all of our other serious discussions.
I've been having a lot of ginger and tea (i.e. chamomile) lately--I think it's keeping me healthy! Are ginger chews popular/existing in Sweden?

Love you, and good night ((((::


happy new year, darling. I found myself walking around in the dark wondering how I got there. There was no light, not any shimmer or bread crumbs to make me find a way out there. It's a long and winding road back to any kind of safe place where I feel happy. Yet I'm comfortable and free in the dark since at least I'm not chained to the shackles of land of no sun. It's going to be dark for a while, metaphorically and also literally since I'm working nights until next weekend. I'll see you on the other side. Think of me.