Stuffy head & nose faucet

I remember the exact moment on Friday evening where I threw out my self care to enjoy the weekend. I was already exhausted by my Wednesday and Thursday festivities, but I couldn't break my habits. I spent the weekend in East Bay, staying up late and enjoying myself. Two days into the weekend, the symptoms that I initially wrote off as allergies came to kick me in the butt.

Despite the discomfort, I was really glad to take the day off to heal (and privileged to have a job that allows me that time). Had I continued on, I may not have had a chance to solidify my trust with myself. Like.. why don't I just listen to my body? Also it gave me a wonderful excuse to stop smoking. Even better, I had the day off on International Womyn's Day, so I gathered a lot of inspiration via the internet. It refreshed/adjusted my social media feeds. I also found new perspective on how I could pursue a career in social work. Basically, I got to surf the web A LOT, but I'm happy because I haven't had the chance to in a while.
With that said, my day was not without rest. Blue light from your phone and other equipment can be super intense when you're sick--every time I needed an eye break, I took a nap. Hence why I woke up at 4 am this morning.
You told me to post all my cooking, and this time I remembered to take a photo before I ate it. It's porridge with onions, carrots, w+b rice, mini chicken and cilantro wontons, a pickled plum, and shiso (a leaf in the basil family).

I wonder if I should take another day off..

My love, how is your health?
Besos, c

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