My minimalist journey

So it is time to reveal what I've been up to, as you may know already since I've been talking about it on Skype and here. However, I figured that a very, long and not very interesting post about it would be more coherent.

The first time I heard about minimalism was by Leo Babauta from Zenhabits, and at that time he also wrote on and that's where the story begins. I later got inspired by the Minimalists and Minimal Student. I've been paring down and cleaning out my stuff several times but this time I'm going to do the packing party because it just make sense.
Why do I do this?
Well, Ryan said it best: (speaking about Ryan Nicodemus from the Minimalist like I know him personally. I don't. I just read their blog, listen to their podcasts and enjoy their thoughts on minimalism.)

"My life lacked: Meaning. Purpose. Passion. If you would have asked me what I was passionate about, I would have looked at you like a deer in headlights. What am I passionate about? I had no idea. I was living paycheck to paycheck. Living for a paycheck. Living for stuff. Living for a career I didn’t love. But I wasn’t really living at all. I was depressed."
Quote from Ryan's post about Packing Party the Minimalists
In a nutshell, this is my life. Read it again. Yes, it's like looking in a mirror. So I'm going to do this full out, not the half ass versions I've done before. I'm going to find some meaning, purpose and passion. I need to move on from this lifestyle I'm coping with at the moment and start living.



  1. Wow. It's beautiful. Speechless--I can't wait until I'm in the right place to begin paring down also. I wonder if I'm already capable but not thinking it?

    1. Everyone's capable. But you have to want to do it. How's the book?