Hej hej mi love, 

I ran (jogged) Bay to Breakers this morning. I had no idea what to expect, and it was wonderful! The costumes, the nudists (we counted 12 of them, and 3 were very excited), the salmon running up (opposite) stream, and the fact that we were running on roads typically covered in cars in SF. I loved the intermittent dancing I could do as we jogged past house parties in the neighborhood. I really felt the community. Our goal was by Ocean Beach, where I was in disbelief that I was about to reach the finish line. 

With that said, my body is really aching! This is the second time that I have whipped out a pain relieving patch in my adulthood. I'm also wearing weird orthopedic toe socks.. which I will definitely show you but on webcam.

What else is new? I've been making smoothies for breakfast with the following ingredients:
- apples or oranges (haha)
- grapefruit juice
- banana
- sometimes ginger
- sometimes celery
- a handful of baby kale mix

I think it gives me a nice energy boost, but it could be the placebo talking.

Miss you and hope you're doing well! updates plz.





hej hej, darling!

This is timely because I recently started listening to Beyonce's new album, Lemonade. 

FYI, I listened to it here: (skip to 1:00:00 in).

Recently I have been having a lot of open conversations with people, including myself. It has been about a year and a half since I closed off the word for my hermitage. Being out of it feels strange and nice. 

I have been speaking to a lot of people about my wanting to be a social worker, and my difficulty with finding a program that is right for me (or that will accept me). Through speaking to them and practicing being vulnerable, I have been given a lot of support in exploring alternative paths and getting informational interviews with professionals. 

I have been taking vinyasa yoga classes which has really helped me maintain my resilience against crumbling inward. Unlike bikram (the hot one) that I have been familiar with since I was 18, vinyasa presents a different series of poses every time. I haven't quite gotten the hang of it yet, which is actually very liberating, especially in a non-competitive studio. It's important to actively learn things! I know that sounds like a -duh- statement, but I think I have to mention it because I have had a hard time measuring how much I am actively learning at my job. In the physical realm, it's easier for me to see how I'm developing skills (holding poses for longer breaths, the flow of your poses). Maybe I'm a kinesthetic learner, after all.

How are you?