Caro and Ceci met as students in sunny San Diego. At the time, Caro was undecided in her studies and folding panties as a part time job. Ceci was serially studying abroad to pursue her passions. Upon meeting through their international friends, the two quickly bonded over sin sticks and beer. Through all of their individual developments that year, Ce & C were essentially joined at the hip--but now what connects them across the entire ocean between them is snail mail and the Internet. Welcome to our friendship, and hope you enjoy our presence as much as we do yours.

Caro is a budding social worker, and loves to experience the world through different perspectives. Her sociological interests are in aging--how and why people experience aging differently, the type of social support that people need through their life transitions, and how that can be provided to a community. In pursuing her studies, Caro began to confront her own issues with aging through meditating and solidifying her spirituality.
When she's not working, Caro enjoys going for a walk to the local bar for a Lagunitas and chats with her fave bartenders. She also loves stopping by the neighborhood bakery (just for smells), and going paddle boating.

Ceci is a plantbased freelanced meat eater. She is also a minimalist and has a preppy hip hop style. In her head. Ceci loves her man shoes, sneakers, low crotch pants and paisley shirts. Her fashion icon is Bill Nighy. But above all Ceci is a writer and a lover not a fighter.

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